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Hemantha Contact other academics   
TBD - all contributors Edit all documents and finalize    
Chatura Edit Conseuences of Race/Religion Document and finalize   
Prasad Religion and Governance - convert to a formal position paper   
Hemantha Contact Michael Roberts via H.L.S   
Hemantha Contributor level relationship development and access given to HLS   
Praveen and Prasad Auto posting of new documents on Twitter and RSS feed optimization   
Prasad Prasad suggested some important topics to address in future articles, need to capture this from his earlier email.   
Anyone Rename files in the archieves from numeric file names to document title file names   
Prasad or Muditha Financials, small membership fee, expense tracking, Donation link on website via paypal, any ideas on this?   
Prasad and Praveen Google Group Subscription email goes to junk mail and people may not confirm subscription, and google gadget has a problem of sizing it to fit.   
Muditha Further development of Sinhala blog posting to a formal sinhala paper   
Praveen To contact sinhala bloggers   
Prasad, Praveen, Hemantha  Discuss how to better orgainize Blog section, auto feeds - syndicate on other sites, people can register for blog section on their own - self managed blog arena? - a bad idea?   
Prasad and Chathura Random Quotes to be renamed to Secular Sri Lanka Newswire ...what do you think? also we need to connect different communication tools so we don't lose our subscribers of different tools we use to communicate   
Hemantha Add HLS book to the book list and other related books found on google books   
Praveen Change FB icon to match Twitter in horizontal line, both icons [Prasad] I tried a few things and made a slight mess. Hope someone could clean up. Direct editing of the HTML source is an option BTW  
Hemantha Yes, I would like the idea of a need based scholarship to a rural area kid type of small project... If you can, take a look at the site map and see some of the 'blank' pages with titles I initiated for future ideas. I was thinking we can have an essay competition that requires them to write a letter to Mr. President asking why s/he thinks we needs to have Constitutional Reforms to totally and absolutely separate state from religion. This essay contest idea needs to be developed, but I thought this type of project would generate some local interest if we advertise in schools nationwide. We can send all selected essays to the President by mail...especially highlighting the winning entries...    
Hemantha How can we integrate our member access? Currently we have google groups email, facebook group emails via FB and 'Random Quotes' emails via a different subscription. I imagine some method where we can send one email and it gets distributed to all the people without having to send three four emails... With our current system we may have people left out of our important communications. At the same time we don't want to flood email accounts too often and annoy our membership forcing them to unsubscribe. Does facebook provide an email address for each group? If they do, then we can add that email address to google groups, or.... we can add googlegroups email address to Facebook....    
Owners Average time on site is highest during public holidays and weekends. We need to time our Newswire and FB feeds for those days. Schedule a calander on google to send email feeds on these days and avoid mid week working days...   
Muditha Responsibility for Education of general public on secularism   
Prasad, Chatura and Praveen Google Apps - develop an open architecture lowest cost infrastructure for sustainable growth in communication networks   
Hemantha Prize offer for successful lawsuit aganist child monks and religion in public schools... advertise parents and children to come forward   
IT staff Yes, perhaps we should discuss about moving to a "page" within the group itself. Most big papers use FB pages, not groups.... I think it is because of user number limitation for groups.... we should think about this...   
Showing 24 items