Call For Papers

Draft updated on Oct 9th.

The Secular Society of Sri Lanka announces a call for papers for its online journal at  The invited topic is “How a Secularized Constitution can benefit all citizens in Sri Lanka?” as part of the project to foster Secular Humanism based on Science and Reason.

Specifically, we encourage authors to undertake any one, or combination of, the following questions:

  1. What should be the most accurate and useful definition of Secularim and a Secular Constitution?
  2. Are there popular or philosophical understandings of Secularism or its implications which require substantial criticism and revision?
  3. What are some important practical implications of political secularism?
  4. How can we better understand the relationships between governance and institutionalized religion, such as ......?
  5. What is the relationship between religion and government?
  6. How science can foster an ethical and moral society?
  7. What is the place for Secular Humanism in the context of Sri Lanka?
  8. Is there some variety of philosophical humanism which deserves closer examination and possibly wider acceptance?

Submission of a paper is understood to imply that it is original, has not already been published in whole or in substantial part elsewhere, and is not currently under consideration by any other journal. We are accepting submissions by e-mail attachment in .rtf or .doc format. Submissions are peer reviewed, so your paper should omit self-identifying information. An abstract of not more than 100 words should be placed at the start of the paper. There is no deadline for submissions, as we will be regularly publishing papers about Secularism in our journals and blogs during the coming years.

Papers for, may be between 1500 and 3000 words, should avoid a technical style, and not use footnotes (text references to items listed in a bibliography is ok). Submissions to Secular Sri Lanka Blog go to Papers intended for our Journal will be held to the usual standards of philosophical sophistication and contribution to advancing knowledge. Information for authors can be obtained after joining the authors' list.  Sign in and apply for authors' list membership or contact the list administrator.