Sri Lanka shall give a Foremost place to Reason and Science not Buddhism

A total and absolute secularization of Sri Lanka and focus on Civil Rights of our citizens will become the next wave of social reforms we are going to see.   Sri Lanka should approach these issues with a view of providing our citizens absolute freedom of speech and fundamental rights.  Reason and Science shall be our methodology in evaluating what is 'good' for our citizenship.  Sticking to outdated and 'petty' archaic ideologies of religion shall not be our measuring stick. This does not imply we are anti-freedom-of-religion. It should be a private enterprise that is up to the citizens to decide within their private and personal preferences.

Foremost place for Reason, not Religion:

We shall make our constitution that all citizens can feel proud of.  It should not be an article that favors one sect or race.  Equality for all, Equal opportunity for all and freedom of expression and freedom of speech must be our pillars holding the Democracy.

Formost place for Science, not Religion:

Science has provided us a methodology and process that explains who we are, what we are made of and where we come from to unimaginable levels of accuracy.  Science accepts that our understandings are prone to error and limited by our limitations of human imagination.  It is open for error correction, refutation and modification based on experimental evidence.  Organized religious institutions and their non-empirical philosophies such as Buddhism or any other religion does not provide this reasoning framework.  We must move away from metaphysical virtual 'pipe-dreams' and focus on 'worldly' understandings of 'what makes us human' and focus on providing a system of governance that 'all humans' of our nation can take pride.