Animal sacrifices

I've been reading news on the animal sacrifices in Halawatha. I just think that is an inhuman, barbaric and savage act by a bunch of retarded psychopaths. Those poor animals had a right to their lives just as much as any of us. But; it happened. The bastards killed those helpless creatures in hundreds. Neither law makers nor law enforcers intercepted. In fact; I think the police were supportive of that bloodshed.

Some activists - mostly under the Buddhist flag - protested for no avail. I think it went wrong because of the religious label. No law maker could support it because that could label them as religious extremists who discriminate against other religions. Sri Lanka as a country does not want that right now.

What we should realize is that those savage animal sacrifices should stop - not because of we are a Buddhist country - but because we are a nation with high moral values (that is independent of our individual religious beliefs). Not because it’s taught in our religions that it’s wrong to kill animals; but because we realize and respect the right of the animals to live as much as we humans.

What we need, what the innocent and helpless animals in this country need is not a religious group racing their voice for them; but an animal loving, free thinking and independent animal rights group working to safeguard the rights of the animals without any other agenda or a label. Like PETA.

Religion, no matter how much humble and sincere, just bring too much of a burden to any controversial issue. Religion should leave morality alone - we should have high moral values independent of our beliefs. Had it been so; and had we had an organized and independent group who stand for animal rights (for which I doubt we do) we could have saved those poor animals.