Moral Hypocrisy

According to Wikipedia hypocrisy is "the act of persistently professing beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards  that are inconsistent with one's actions."

These days we see hypocrisy all around us. Sometimes this may be coming from powerful people's desire to deceive their followers. Definitely politicians all around the world are guilty of this. In my personal life I have seen a fair share of hypocrites. One personal experience is carved into my memory. Let's call this person SP. SP is a Sinhalese Buddhist. For a short time SP had to live with a Muslim person. One day in my car SP started a rant how SP hates Muslims. SP went onto details of what is wrong with them. SP hated their foods, their religious practices, the way they talk etc. etc. I was dumbfounded. I really didn't know what to say. I knew SP had a choice to refuse living with this Muslim person. Most astonishingly later on I saw SP was being very friendly with this Muslim person face to face.

I try to live my life as true to myself as possible. I would never be able to do what SP did. If I don't like someone, it will definitely show on my face. When this happened I tried understanding why people are like that. I searched in my past for things like that. My parents taught me to be sincere as possible. I tried it and it worked. I remember when I was a kid playing cricket with friends, everyone asked for my judgement when there was a disputed out call. They all respected my decision. It was hard sometimes when my friends get out to say it but I had a different kind of peer pressure to keep my reputation as a sincere person. I am not trying to say that I have never lied. I definitely have a very hard time doing it so I try not to do it.

Coming back to hypocrisy, I think politics always go with some hypocrisy. Some of it may be tolerable. The current political environment of Sri Lanka involves a lot of discussions about morals and religions (specially Buddhism). Politicians most of the time are shown on TV with flowers in temples and worshiping religious figures. Religious leaders are present in political meeting and most of the times politicians address them to make their points. In some cases politicians are also seen in religious facilities out side their own religions to gain the trust/votes of the people belonging to that religion. Most of the time people/voters tolerate this because they all know that those politicians are being totally insincere. Lately I have heard some politicians and their main supporters are preaching about high morals conduct on TV. They are even talking about bringing about new laws to punish and prevent immoral behavior. I am all for moral behavior. I think morals of the society should be decided by the society itself. Government agents who are indulging and indulged themselves in according to them in what is called "immoral behavior" policing the morals is the ultimate hypocrisy. In my opinion moral hypocrisy is the most difficult to tolerate. I think they should take a moment and think for themselves, anything they could not observe should not be forced on the people of the country.