Cricket Ballology

පත්තරේ ලග්න ඵලාපල බලන අයට දැන් ඉතින් තමුන්ගෙ අළුත් ලග්නෙ දැනගෙන ඉන්ඩ වෙයි. අළුත්ම එකකුත් ඇවිල්ලලු.
By FOX NEWS - YOUTUBE - ATHEISTMEDIABLOG Added: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 16:30:01 UTC
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    • Shamika Lakshan Rajapaksha මම වැඩකරන තැන ගෑනු දරුවෝ ටික අවුරුද්ද පටන් ගන්ඩත් කලියෙන් මුළු අවුරුද්දටම හරියන්ඩ ලග්න පලාඵල බලාගත්තනෙවැ. අපරාදෙ.
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    • Prasad Mapatuna
      Earth's "wobble" to be precise, not 'rotation'. BTW mind you that the Fox news discussion is about western astrology that follows a different system than 'Jyothisha'. Same mambo-jumbo but a different system :) Joyorthir wedi's will claim that their system even account for the earth's wobble. Which is true! Jyothisha has this what you call "Bhaava Kendra" which takes account not only the sun's position relative to the stellar backdrop, but also the angle which the sun is visible from the place of birth. For everyday use, they have what they called "dala Kendra" (rough horoscope) which is a simplification taking only the former in to account.

      In my not so humble opinion, eastern astrology is precise astronomy combined with mambo-jumbo where ancient people started to believe that they can predict people's lives using maths, just like they can predict stellar phenomena like planet's positions/eclipses using maths.
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    • Prasad Mapatuna Simply put, its like this. Using maths you can predict what trajectory the ball would take once it leaves Murali's hand. "Jyothisha" is similar to a mistaken belief that you should be able to predict what ball Murali is going to ball next, using the same maths.
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    • Shamika Lakshan Rajapaksha Hmm. Interesting!. I remember how "මාරයා" once described how these zodiac signs work in eastern astrology, which was different frm the western system. :)
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    • Prasad Mapatuna
      To elaborate a bit; At the point of release, if you can get the factors like speed, angle of release, the amount of spin, wind speed, wind direction, humidity etc, then you can calculate the trajectory of a ball bowled by Murali (or Shane Warne for that matter :) once it leaves his hand. If you know the mentality of the batsman a little bit, you may even be able to predict to a certain degree of accuracy, what kind of stroke he is going to play to that ball. Now imagine people getting marveled by these kind of predictions, and start to falsely believe that you can use maths to predict Murali's intentions, and predict the next ball he is going to ball to the batsman. That my friends, is the birth of the "Cricket Ballology"
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