Waiting for the Apocalypse

"Like some of the 'western' and 'middle-eastern' religious fanatics, who think science is a threat to their religion, who are waiting for the Apocalypse, now you have asked your fan-base to wait for the collapse of western science. Good luck! and by the way, if it does not collapse by itself, lending credibility to Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya; do you think we should hijack planes full of passengers and crash them in to places where advancedment of Judeo-Christian science takes place?"

This post is a response to Prof. Nalin De Silva's articles on Divina

Good stuff prof! I am with you regarding your overarching concern of saving the planet; but why the anger? Is it just the way you write, and you don’t know any other way? Or you think the world is a one big pissing contest, and some ideology should “win” while others "lose", and thus it is essential to undermine one ideology, in order to make another win; and being angry and name calling of people representing opposing views is a must? What makes someone who accepts a slightly different set of ideologies than yous an inferior “so called intellectual”? You said “ඊනියා ප්‍රබුද්ධයන්ට මට තරම්වත් ඒ චින්තනය නොතේරෙන බව ද මම දනිමි.”. What an arrogance! You know what, I think I have spoken with people who are equally or more enlightened than you regarding the core understanding of the ideologies you are referring to; and moreover they are not “angry” about lesser intellectuals receiving more recognition.

If we agree that “change” is the only permanent thing, then the historical patterns that you are trying to establish regarding the rise and fall of knowledge systems can “change” too. What makes you certain that patterns themselves will not change?

I may not be qualified enough to say this, but I will say this anyway. You are creating false dichotomies to create “us” vs. “them” separation. You have certain labels that you have printed a few decades ago, like “Judeo-Christian” (the most favorite of your frequently used labels) that you want to stick on anything that you can find an excuse to stick it on. This reminds me a child who has brought so many stickers that she eagerly wants to put them on all her belongings that provide a surface to stick them on. As long as there are people like you, who want to draw these lines of division in arbitrary places, just to be argumentative and be the hero of your fan base, the divisions will exist in your minds. As far as I can see, the divisions that you are trying to make are little outdated. There are new divisions, however they are more interesting. Probably you will not find a reason to be so “Angry” about them and that’s why you wanted to stick to the old labels that you have printed decades ago with respect to the divisions. When you write an article, trying to explain your "Sinhala Buddhist" world view, to a newspaper that is printed using Judeo-Christian ink, and printed in Judeo-Christian machinery; which also has an online version that appears in Judeo-Christian internet, and when you yourself borrows 50% of your arguments based on entities and concepts that appear in Judeo-Christian worldview, you should see a problem right there! But you and your fans do not see it. I am yet to figure out that dichotomy.

I have no knowledge about the issues that you've mentioned with respect to “western” mathematics (Really? Is Math western? That’s is new to me, but I will pass that due to my lack of Math knowledge), so I will take your word for it since that is your field of study. However, I have some hobbyist’s knowledge about the “issues” that you mention about the ‘double slit experiment’ and the “gaps” in theory of evolution. And it is absolutely wrong to say that the science (in your words, the ‘western science’) does not have answers. In fact, Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics is one place that the transformation of scientific worldview happened by borrowing ideas which were once alien to that worldview. If quantum physicists bothered about labels rather than adopting whatever worldviews that was useful, then we would have seen the same issues that we see with your ideology. You are bothered more about maintaining your labels, rather than furthering your knowledge system. No! the so called ‘western’ science did not do the same! Rather, they progressed by assimilating ideas! The assimilation is such that people like me no longer can see the divisions that existed before the transformations happened. Only the likes of you and your fan base are capable of seeing such divisions, and have the nerve to label science as "western". And you make your fan base feel more and more inferior by still trying to maintain this “us and them” division by sticking your Judeo-Christian label on this truly global knowledge system. Like some of the 'western' and 'middle-eastern' religious fanatics, that think science is a threat to their religion, who are waiting for the Apocalypse, now you have asked your fan-base to wait for the collapse of western science. Good luck! and by the way, if it does not collapse by itself, lending credibility to Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya; do you think we should hijack planes full of passengers and crash them in to places where advancedment of Judeo-Christian science takes place? (NASA, CERN and Google labs are good targets that I can think of)

You probably don't advocate violence. The reason that lead me to above questions is your anger and hatred towards this so called western knowledge system. There are western educated intellectuals who try to create new knowledge systems that are based on fundamentally new thinking that is different to what lead to current system. They do have the 'competing' attitude towards 'western' science, however, I have never seen the same anger and hatred that you try to inculcate in your fans. Also, other than criticizing the 'gaps' of western knowledge systems and criticizing people for their lack of understanding outside the mainstream science, I have never seen you or your followers actively engage in creating knowledge. Therefore all the talk about alternate knowledge system just becomes an empty rhetoric. I have more respect towards those so called intellectuals ("ඊනියා ප්‍රබුද්ධයන්") who don't see beyond the two-valued logic of the so called judeo-Christian knowledge system, who work silently to contribute to it in whatever way they can, than people like you who criticize in order to create hatred and division.

The better places in the world did not come to those places by dwelling in the Island mindset, and jeering and mocking at people who are trying to “change” things. Instead, the celebration of diversity and acceptance of “change” are what drive the improvments. Of course not all changes are good. However, trying to stop change and force people to be in a box is not the way to fight bad changes. The change happens anyway, as it is the only permanent thing in the world (and know very well where I borrowed that philosophy from). As a person exposed to such philosophies, you can put less weight on preserving your tribe’s clichés, and put more weight on furthering the humanity, and make the world a better place to live.

No person, tribe, race, nation, can live in a metaphorical island. Every person, tribe, race, nation need to open themselves for change, and assimilate ideas from every corner of the world. The nations that did not dwell in that metaphorical Island, but assimilate ideas from other nations, races, tribes and people, have elevated their standards of living while others lagged behind.

ප.ලි#1.:**නලින් ද සිල්වා ඇදුරු තුමා ගැන යමක් කිව යුතුය. මම තවමත් එතුමාට ගරු කරමි. එතුමාගෙන් මම බොහෝදේ ඉගෙනගෙන ඇත. කලකට ඉහතදී නම් එතුමාද ඇසිමිලියේෂන් (knowledge assimilation) ගැන කතා කලා. නමුත් දැනට පවතින වාතවරනය තුල ගෝත්‍රවාදය අමු අමුවේම විකිනෙන බැවින්, වැඩි මහන්සියක් නැතිවම එතුමාගෙ චින්තනය අලෙවිවෙයි. දැන් ලොකු ලොකු දේවල් අවශ්‍ය නැත. බටහිරට පලු යන්න බැන්නහම ඇතිය. බනින එක හැරුනුකොට වෙන දැනුමක් ගොඩනගන බවක් නොපෙනේ. අපිට අපේම "ක්‍රමයක්", "දැනුමක්" ගොඩනගා ගත හැකි බව නැවත නැවතත් එතුමාද, එතුමාගෙ ගිරා පෝතකයන්ද කියතත්, ඔය කියන ක්‍රමය/දැනුම මොකක්ද යන්න පැහැදිලි නැත.

PS #2: I still have respect for you and still love some of your past works and "මගේ ලෝකය" is still in my shortlist of 'top 10 books that influenced me'. However, you are loosing my respect each day, whenever I see your "new" works.

PS #3: I watched this video today. I did not know that Nalin De Silva has gone completely berserk! I am getting to know this so many years after the fact 

Perhaps he is thinking that at the cost of becoming the laughing stock of people like us, he is going to do the noble act of preserving the dwindling knowledge system built around ancient tribal thinking.

Budu Res

After watching this, I got to know that according to Sinhala-Buddhist logic, the statues can emit “රැස්” but according to Nalin they are not “බුදු රැස්”TM. So he ‘knows’ that they are not “බුදු රැස්”TM but he also claims that they are some other “රැස්”. Now, the common logic that we use tells us that there were no “රැස්” at all, but it was a figment of imagination of the pious minds. However, according to Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya, (known only to Nalin De Silva BTW) he has concluded that “රැස්” was there for real, and what is left for us to do is to figure out what that “රැස්” is.

It is interesting to know that this logic is only known to Nalin De Silva. The reasoning that he use it not known even to his 'parrots' that repeat after him. We could have challenged some of these parrots and asked them to give an explanation about Budu Res phenomena. I am sure they would have been clueless. They can repeat the response only after Nalin De Silva declares his stance.

He says "අපි කවුරුත් දන්නව මෙවා බුදු රැස් නෙමෙයි කියල"Now professor Nalin, please tell me how you concluded that they are not  “බුදු රැස්”TM? What is the definition of බුදු රැස්, and how you say that it is common knowledge that it is not බුදු රැස්. Where did that common knowledge come from?