Hall of Fame of Secular Sri Lanka

Any positive steps forward towards Secularization. Develop this page based on some of the following and any additional tools...

1.  MR's BBC article on visit to Jaffna - banning ethnicity based politics?

BBC news item reports that President Mahinda Rajapakshe revealed a plan to ban ethnic tags in party names.


He also said, more controversially, that “racial politics” would not have a place in future – a possible indication that he will seek to revive a recently tabled plan to ban parties with words such as “Tamil” or “Muslim” in their name.

2. Ranil's public rejection of astrology in youtube interview.
3. Abraham T. Kovoor's biography and wikipedia site
4. Arthur C. Clark's quotes on religion etc.
5. Carlo Fonseka - ?  is he a rationalist for sure?

Rosy Senanayake's Secular Views. are attacked by the Fundamentalists.

The Interview MrsRosySenanayake Episode 02 part 01

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