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Hate mail received

[1] Sender: Vijaya

 Email address: addercrait@hotmail.com

Origin: soc.culture.sri-lanka google group/ usenet group

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vijaya <addercrait@hotmail.com>
Date: Apr 19, 1:57 am
Subject: Movement for Constitutional Separation of Religion and the
Sri Lankan State
To: soc.culture.sri-lanka

Yet another movement to destroy Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Give me one
country where religion
seperated from Government. In America everything start after praying
to God. There national
anthem ends weth the words In God We Trust. In England and Austrlia
Head of State have to
 be a Christian. In Australia leader of the Opposition, a previous
Catholic monk
want to make teaching Bible compulsory in Schools.
Your namr according to ancient tradition suggests a Yakko you seems to
br the Satan who came to Sri Lanka to destroy Buddhism. You or any
other NGO will
not be able to do that. What we must try to do is to we Hindus anf
Buddists get
together and chase the the X'trians out of this country. we Hindus and
Buddhists lived in this country
thousand of years togethre in harmony. Both of us had enoug
opprotuinty to destroy each others religion
No we lived in peace and harmony. It after this European Christian
inavsion we had all these problems.
Thay have driven wdge between Hidnus and Buddhist. We Buddhists and
Hindus learn from our
past mistakes and chase X'trians out of SL and make sri Lanka Hindu-
Buddhist republic.
Then the country will be consisting of 95% Hindus and Buddhitsts.