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Support We Anticipate

We are seeking talented writers and leadership for this campaign, so start writing - get the general public and your politicians thinking.  Please contact us and send your articles, publications, news reports, blog posts, white papers, position papers, ideas, thoughts and comments to be included to enrich our readers' intellectual experience. We also need translators for English to Sinhala and English to Tamil, with a solid foundation in basic sciences, democracy, freedom and secularism with no previous history of engagement in ethnic divide, or religious politics of Sri Lanka. Please, help us to help you – for a better Sri Lanka.

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Additional Support: Make a Gift !

While we are currently self-funded and do not receive any financial support, we encourage your active participation and generosity in promoting educational programs on Secularism nationwide.  We plan to support graduate research assistantships, university and secondary school essay competitions on promoting Secular ethics, human rights, values and vision in the nation.  We also have programs to defend the Constitutional Rights of our citizens on issues related to Secularization of Public School System and Secular Governance.  

You are urged to become an active participant of these programs, sponsor legal resources and provide financial contributions.

Volunteer and socialize with the most radiant Intellectual Circle in Sri Lanka.  An opportunity we provide you to expand your horizons of intellect, professional networking and friendship.

Public Event Organizers

We need social event organizers, community organizers to promote and enhance public understanding of Science, Reason and Secularism.  We would like you to volunteer your time to organize public lectures, presentations, debates and discussions.

Information Technology Professionals

Help develop and expand our IT infrastructure and gain valuable experience working with a talented team of engineers in our volunteer staff.

Web Developers and Graphics Designers

Our website and Blog spaces need technical and creative skills to attract more enthusiastic readers.  If you are an experienced blogger, graphics designer, or a university student interested in volunteer internship opportunities, this will be a great opportunity to gain experience and build your portfolio.


One of the most important areas we currently search for help.  We need lawyers, ex-judges and other law professionals in our campaign to assist secularists and secularize government and public education system. 

Fund Raising and Campaign Managers

Looking for people with prior experience and proven success in public fund raising, charity work, non-profit management, finance, accounting and investment management experience.

Academics of various fields in Higher Education and Secondary Education

Develop academic literature on secularism, science, mathematics.  Help build a library of science and scientific governance, human rights, constitution law, promote public understanding of science and secularism.

Healthcare Professionals

We need doctors and other healthcare professionals to promote scientific medicine and battle against unscientific and pseudo scientific medicine professions.

Editors and Publishers

Need help in our weekly newsletter and quarterly publications. 

Media Artists and Journalists

Documentary makers, film makers, producers, independent journalists to help promote public understanding of Secularism, the need for secularization of the Constitution,  develop and promote programs to build a community that embraces science and mathematics in their worldview, ethics, morals and governance.

Be creative and be imaginative - let us know how you can help promote Reason and Science in Sri Lanka !

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