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These are the most exciting times for us in Sri Lanka.  We came out of three decades of brutal terrorism, a bloody and cruel dictatorship in the North and East that plagued the whole nation is no longer a threat to our democracy thanks to many sacrifices made by our citizens from all parts of the Nation.  The future of the nation and how we carve out a Democratic and Free Society for all of us in Sri Lanka is the topic of interest of our reader.

Each one of us, perceive the world around us differently; from the stimulation of our senses to realizations in our minds based on our unconscious assumptions formed due to our upbringing. This site is dedicated to express how we feel about religious landscape of Sri Lanka, and how it affects the way we are governed by the state, and how it should change for better.

The current contributors to the site is a small random group of people who came together due to their ideological similarity. Not all contributors share the same view and not all contributors agree on content appearing under each individuals name. The Contributors' Personal blog section is primarily personal views, and might or might no not follow the same philosophy of the main content.

Let us declare that we do not have convictions regarding any of the topics discussed here, that we cannot let go of. We do not have an agenda to impose any set-menus on the society. These are our own thoughts and they are negotiable. Trying not to cling hard on to anything (ideologies in particular) is perhaps a value that we borrowed from Buddhism. We do understand that there are people who are more educated and knowledgeable than us holding different opinions to that of ours regarding these topics. If there are more enlightened people who read our rants and if they care, they are bound to respond, convince us, and free us of our wrong opinions. However, as long as we are convinced, we are ready to passionately argue these opinions. The moment we are convinced otherwise, we will gladly change our positions.

The ideological minority…

We realize that we are in an ideological minority in Sri Lanka. The group that staunchly believe that there should be state patronage and promotion of that their version of religion; combined with the group that does not have any opinion in the matter; makes up the majority. There is a sizable group that believes their religion should be thrust upon as many people as possible, using whatever means available; including the weight of their state.

We are in the opinion that religion simply is ones personal faith and it depends on ones personal taste. Anyone should be entitled to their personal beliefs, and the rest should not have an issue with it, as long and those beliefs don’t come knocking on everyones doors, interfering with personal freedoms. We absolutely don’t appreciate it when subjective beliefs decide how we are governed by our state.

We are also of the opinion that religion consumes human resources of the state and material wealth of the tax payer that can be used for other productive humanitarian and economic endeavors.  This indeed is an minority opinion. However, this is a reasoning minority that is growing rapidly as people getting more and more disillusioned with institutionalized and dogmatic religion.