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58 Qazi courts have been established in Sri Lanka

posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:30 AM by Praveen Jayasuriya

A big thank you to Xfactor for brining this story to our attention. Qazi courts have been set up in Sri Lanka. Qazi courts are a controversial type of “courts” which exercise and practice Sharia Law.

The following article explains how the system is to be implemented:

Eight Qazi courts will be setup in Beruwela in Western Province and Akkaraipaththu, Batticaloa, Ampara, Potuwil and Sammanthurai in Eastern Province where a major population of Muslims live, state-run TV, ITN reported.

The courts headed by judges known as Qazis will render their verdicts according to the Sharia Law, mostly to settle family disputes of Muslim people.

This move has essentially created two judicial systems within our Island. While this is an outrageous move by the government of Sri Lanka we would also like to note that this move undermines cohesion, fosters intolerance and creates distrust between communities at a crucial juncture in our history.

We have been conscious of these disturbing developments for some time now.Here is another article courtesy of Xfactor who brought this to our attention. Sri Lanka is swiftly turning into a ground zero for extremists. The Buddhist fundamentalist movement, Christian fundamentalism and the Islamic agenda have all found a safe heaven on our pious land where speaking out against the irrational beliefs and practices of any religion has become taboo.