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Hans Rosling's new insights on poverty - shows the best stats you've ever seen

posted Sep 28, 2010, 6:10 PM by Hw W

In his TED Talk, Hans Rosling provides fascinating data visualization on poverty and development with amazing statistics. He envisions HUMAN RIGHTS and CULTURE as the GOALS of economic development of a nation.  Economic Growth and Governance are the most important MEANS to achieving this GOAL...

This is a timely topic for Sri Lanka as well.


"Now, what we need to think about is, what is a goal for development, and what are the means for development? Let me first grade what are the most important means. Economic growth to me, as a public-health professor, is the most important thing for development, because it explains 80 percent of survival. Governance. To have a government that functions -- that's what brought California out of the misery of 1850. It was the government which made law function finally. Education, human resources are important. Health is also important, but not that much as a mean. Environment is important. Human rights is also important, but it just gets one cross.

Now what about goals? Where are we going toward? We are not interested in money. Money is not a goal. It's the best mean, but I give it zero as a goal. Governance, well it's fun to vote in a little thing, but it's not a goal. And going to school, that's not a goal, it's a mean. Health I give two points. I mean it's nice to be healthy -- at my age especially -- you can stand here, you're healthy. And that's good, it gets two plusses. Environment is very, very crucial. There's nothing for the grandkid if you don't save up. But where are the important goals? Of course, it's human rights. Human rights is the goal,but it's not that strong of a mean for achieving development. And culture. Culture is the most important thing, I would say, because that's what brings joy to life. That's the value of living.

So the seemingly impossible is possible. Even African countries can achieve this. And I've shown you the shot where the seemingly impossible is possible. And remember, please remember my main message, which is this: the seemingly impossible is possible. We can have a good world."