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Multicultural Education in Secular Sri Lanka

posted Apr 20, 2010, 8:48 PM by Prasad Mapatuna   [ updated Apr 20, 2010, 8:49 PM ]
Sri Lanka shall move away from ethnic segregation of public schools system and focus on development of a multicultural educational framework where there is no room for Hindu Colleges, Muslim Schools, Buddhist Schools in a tax payer funded public school system, and focus on multi-ethnic schools in a strictly secular education system.  Such a system will nourish ethnic harmony, celebrate differences of our community and promote religious beliefs as personal and private matters of individusals to cultivate and explore based on individual preferences.

A Multicultural Education platform for the national education system needs to be designed with consideration of modern educational research on multiculturalism and understanding that students should not be separated inside the school system based on their ethnicity or religion.  Childhood classification of "I belong to 'Sinhala'" or " I am a'Tamil'" shall be removed from the education system beyond philosophical understanding of ethnic harmony and shall be put on to practice inside schools.  Similarly,  students coming from all religious backgrounds shall be taught a secular ethics curriculum in schools and they should not be separated in to 'Buddhist students', 'Hindu students', 'Chirstian students', 'Muslim students' or non-believers.  All students shall learn and appreciate secular ethics and learn to be good citizens regardless what their religions preach.  The multi-ethics platform for the multicultural secular nation needs start nationwide.