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SLT users may be unable to access directly

posted May 22, 2010, 10:16 PM by Praveen Jayasuriya
SLT ADSL users seems to be inaccessible without the use of a proxy like ninjacloak. If you are familiar with please use it to access the site until we figure out the problem. 

>>Here is the link to access Secular Sri Lanka via ninjacloak >> 

It could be some transient issue with SLT or it could be that SLT may be blocking our site.

>>An alternative is also possible, you can reach our site at >>

Keep watching this space for announcements regarding this tech bug.
Let us know if you are unable to access the site via other service providers such as Dialog etc (local providers) or any other international service provider. 


Praveen NJ


(If you are familiar with onion routing and enabled browsers I have a hunch that you may be able to access the site using such a browser. I have not tried this. )