Campaign to Remove Religion from Public School System in Sri Lanka

1. We demand the Department of Education to remove compulsory Religion from Curriculum
2. Qualified parents (i.e. legal guardians of children attending public schools) shall file law suits in high courts demanding removal of religious education from the core curriculum and make it optional - same as art, music, dancing, etc.  We believe, even under the current Constitution, which  provides allowances to government to participate in religion, it still cannot demand mandatory religious indoctrination via public secondary education system.  Children who do not want to study religion shall be allowed to opt out, and there shall be no mandatory requirements in taking any mid term and final exams through out the school years or at G.C.E. Ordinary Level. This optional status shall be clearly available that students can opt out from the beginning and measures shall be put in place that those children do not face any academic disadvantage in terms of academic transcript reporting.

3. Parents who come forward to file law suits against the department of education shall be given financial support and legal services support to participate in this campaign for Freedom From Religion in Sri Lanka.

4. Under current constitution any future religious education shall be voluntary and cannot be compulsory.

5. As long as we have current non-secular Constitution, we could still clearly demand this freedom from religion at all types of religious indoctrinations that pervades public school system.

To be continued....